⚑Member Utility

See our Roadmap for a more extensive listing of planned utility

Virtual Utility

Exclusive community focusing on advancing our personal and collective practice of alignment with the single truth and the relational universe.

Access to members-only SpiritDAO community content.

A robust library of training resources ranging from philosophy and practice spaces, Web3, AI/LLMs, nonprofit operations, and more.

Custom DAO Tooling.

Training and Certification for local chapter leaders.

Access to partner projects / DAOs.

$SELF token exchange for virtual and physical benefits.

Sensemaker Prime.

and more...

Physical Utility

Access to community resources (for approved initiatives.)

Access to community meetups/events.

Distribution and facilitation of our high ritual journey.

Unique Artifact Access.

Recruitment kits & strategy guides to help further organizational mission through independent physical chapters.

Physical Location Access (when available).

and more...

Reputation & Accreditation

SpiritDAO members earn merit through their contributions to the DAO and community. Presently we're leveraging Hats Protocol to assign merit to unique, non-transferable membership NFTs.

Today we are presently leveraging merit as a means of voice and vote amplification within the community. However, this is an experimental technology with plenty of room to expand. Whatever trajectories we take, our community of Verified Members will determine the ideal courses of action.

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