⏳Changing Nature of Time


To be human is to be an observer within an informational universe.

We ride on the crest of the wave of the present, always inhabiting the boundary of what is. Aspects of the totality of the moment experiencing itself from a wide variety of perspectives. There is only ever an immediate present.

Our past is inaccessible, and our future is always unknown.

Today information is expanding exponentially in all directions, parallel to the universe. Our technological ascendency empowers us to do and become more within our moments.

Despite our expanding powers, we remain confined to philosophies, practices, and systems that stifle usβ€”creations of our own making that prioritize their preservation over meeting the needs of the moment.

Embrace that we craft both the future and past within the present. We only ever inhabit now, a totality of the moment that stretches throughout the cosmos. We reject the influence and limitations our past places on the present.

The changing nature of time calls on us to exert our most radical power as human beings, our ability to choose to be more than our circumstances allow.

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