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Self-actualization refers to the combination of individual and systemic actualization.
  • Individual actualization is the development of the self. "I"
  • Systemic actualization is the development of the collective. "We"
Individual actualization represents our journeys towards alignment with the single truth and relational universe. It recognizes that in a relational universe governed by the single truth, the individual is always the sum of the event chains they inherit, except for the moment itself. We can change our individual and shared direction here and now.
To better empower us to do this, we develop new frameworks of meaning and value in alignment with the single truth and the relational universe. At the heart of our rejection of the past's influence on the present is the embrace of our own embodied infinity.
The actualized individual is a shapeshifter whose agency and access within the world grant them the capacity to become anything. We inhabit a reality of exponentially increasing change, and we must become the individuals who can thrive in such moments.
Systemic actualization represents our spiritual project of unbinding the individual access and agency from birth lottery and a past we had no say in choosing.
Our alignment with the single truth and relational universe extends into developing and organizing the systems we surround ourselves with to free the latent imagination trapped within our creations.
Through the systemic project, we elevate the human condition to one where all individuals can align the observable infinities.
Systemic actualization recognizes that the systems defining our relationships with others are inseparable from our moral and material interests. It reinforces the belief and practices that each must be able to transform themselves and redirect their lives without requiring consensus from other systems or groups.
Self-actualization is the merging of individual and system as a single self that intertwines our creations with our spirituality.
We recognize ourselves as the embodied infinity we are and bind our spirituality toward realizing this vision for all.
To do this, we reframe our legal, political, economic, social, and spiritual orders in alignment with the single truth and relational universe.