๐ŸชžThe Relational Universe


The relational universe expresses our understanding that no separate events exist in nature. Being is always momentary totalityโ€”a single happening.

The absolute unity of the individual observer and the universe itself is a well-established spiritual philosophy central to the Vedic, Hindu, and Buddhist philosophies. We are both inseparable from the other and simultaneously independent of them.

When we embrace oneness with the relational universe, we acknowledge our deep connection with the world around us.

Oneness with the relational universe isnโ€™t purely spiritual philosophy but the material reality of existence. Our scientific knowledge continues to expand upon how our thoughts, actions, observations, and creations ripple throughout the universeโ€”highlighting that the changing nature of time is a trend growing in parallel with the changing nature of humanity.

Today we understand that human observation changes the universe, committing probability to history and generating disorder.

All systems reinforce specific ways of thinking and acting within the world, defining relationships with ourselves and others by forcing us to take on a particular shape. Our inhabiting a relational universe ensures that the direction of focus and energy in the moment is a mutual act of becoming.

Our embrace of a relational universe governed by the single truth as a source of spiritual grounding demands a commitment to systemic actualization to recognize the divinity inherent in ourselves and others.

We seek to maximize individual access and agency and free the latent imagination trapped in the world.

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