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Tech Stack

SpiritDAO leverages the following tooling to empower community access and agency.
  • Unlock Protocol - Time-limited, non-transferable membership tokens.
  • Charmverse - Collaboration / Operations (Forum/Votes/Wiki/Bounties/Member Directory/Calendar)
  • Hats Protocol - Hats supports a suite of customized tokens/keycards that serve to provide granular access and agency within the DAO and accrue merit over time. Supports the infrastructure for weighted voting.
  • Bonfire - Bonfire is a token-gated video viewing platform where I can export the content watched (to the minute) of a specific wallet holding the token. Important in that it lets us verify that they completed the video.
  • - Token gates our Community Discord + Assigns roles chosen during onboarding. Also gates our google docs.
  • Snapshot - Snapshot is off-chain voting by wallet (and supports weighted voting w/ hats). Most DAOs today conduct most activity off chain and then commit transactions to a chain after consensus within the community. This is integrated with Charmverse so our users can operate in a single ecosystem.
  • We run on the Optimism Chain (Ethereum L2)