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Membership Details

SpiritDAO leverages time-limited, non-transferable digital tokens to verify membership, identity, contribution, and benefits such as members' access to virtual and physical resources.
Tokens are issued in batches (rounds) with gaps between new member onboarding to ensure organic growth. We strictly enforce a single membership token per individual.
We offer pathways for membership that do and do not require donations.
Donation tiers are means based and higher tiers provide minor (not-voting) perks.
We accept dollars, specific cryptocurrencies, and $SELF tokens as donations in exchange for membership access. Donations may also be made outside membership tokens for those with the resources.
Upon formalization of our 501c3, your donations will be charitable write-offs.
Membership Tiers
Each membership tier represents unique access and agency within the SpiritDAO ecosystem. 100% of all membership sales support the SpiritDAO community treasury.
You can donate to receive a membership at

Tier 4 - Advocate

  • Four (4) Month Membership
  • Members-only Community Access
  • Members-only Content & Resources
  • Collaboration Hub Access
  • Unique Artifact Access
  • 0.01 Eth / $20 USD

Tier 3 - Embrace

  • One (1) Year Membership
  • Advocate Benefits +
  • Collaboration Hub Agency / Bounty Participation
  • 0.111 Eth / $200 USD

Tier 2 - Become

  • One (1) Year Membership
  • Embrace Benefits +
  • Priority Events Access
  • 1.11 Eth / $2000 USD

Tier 1 - Catalyze

  • One (1) Year Membership
  • Become Benefits +
  • Priority Event Input
  • 4.2 Eth / $7500 USD
🚨 Membership donations are non-refundable.
No-Cost Membership Opportunities
SpiritDAO is an inclusive community. We recognize that every individual has inherited a unique set of circumstances, and that want to ensure pathways to access outside of capital.

Proof of Curiosity

This free membership tier provides users 30 days to complete SpiritDAO's Onboarding Process.
Upon successful completion of onboarding, PoC members will be airdropped a one-time no cost Advocate membership token. All standard benefits, restrictions, and length of membership token will apply.
All membership tokens are available for purchase with $SELF, so members have the capacity to perpetually earn no-cost membership through their contributions to SpiritDAO.
Membership Pathways
SpiritDAO membership contains two potential pathways for members to explore depending on their desired level of engagement.
Supporting Members represent all token-holding members of the SpiritDAO community. Supporting members possess a wide range of access and agency within the DAO and serve to further our shared efforts in a variety of directions. Supporting members have not completed SpiritDAO's onboarding process and do not possess governance rights.
Verified Members are individuals who complete our onboarding process. Voting and governance rights are reserved for our verified members. Governance at SpiritDAO is a privilege and responsibility. Verified Members must remain active in our community to retain their status. Formal onboarding support helps members understand the "why" and "how" behind our philosophy, practice, and purpose and adds a layer of Sybil resistance.
SpiritDAO offers ample pathways for contribution irrespective of your choice to formally onboard or not.
Proactive Inclusivity
At SpiritDAO we embrace core values to align us with the single truth and relational universe.
Our commitment to equity in our interpersonal and systemic relationships demands that we include the voices of those who would otherwise have no access to us, prioritizing the presently disenfranchised. A portion (TBD) of each membership round will be set aside to support outreach and community building.