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Membership Overview

SpiritDAO is a community funded and governed by our members. We embrace transparency, cooperation, and accountability in everything we do.
If the philosophies and practices outlined in this graphic novel resonate with you, we invite you to join our community.
Members embrace the opportunity and responsibility to govern our protocols, contribute to value generation, and guide our larger strategic mission, vision, and efforts.
At SpiritDAO, the strength of our community is vital to our mission and purpose. Opportunities to participate are varied in their directions and degrees, as are learning opportunities. We determine access and agency within the organization by individual participation and contribution. Together we are working towards creating something bigger than ourselves.
We host various events and spaces weekly to help members connect and collaborate. Including weekly study of our philosophy and practice, rituals, DAO Town Halls where we discuss formal business, and more. We also prioritize and support the organization of decentralized place-based community building and formal events.
Our community has the right to everything we create, and each active member has the agency to direct our shared efforts. Monetizing our shared assets for personal gain of any kind requires community consensus.
Every day at SpiritDAO, our members align the observable infinities to create the new.
When we become a part of SpiritDAO, we believe in and contribute to something greater than ourselves.
A shared vision of humanity in deep alignment with nature and more fully representative of the embodied infinity we possess.