🌌The Single Truth


Change is the single truth

Cosmology and physics demonstrate that we inhabit a reality of sequential universes. Before this universe, there were others. After this universe, there will be more. The knowledge of successive universes beyond our single universe provides us with an observable infinity.

Nothing has ever not been changing, solidifying the ultimate reality of existence as momentary totalities. Ever progressing, ever-evolving, and omnidirectional in its directions and degrees of transformation. At any point you observe it, the entirety of the universe extends from your unique conscious coordinates.

All human knowledge and effort are bound to the single truth of change. It is the most real concept that exists.

The single truth represents universal commonality, the cornerstone of spiritual renaissance that binds us to a shared vision and purpose.

The single truth requires no believers. It spares nothing from change, including itself.

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant once asked what happens when we encounter absolute knowledge.

ο»ΏNow is our moment to choose an answer.

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