Learn more about SpiritDAO's existing and future revenue models
Book Sales: Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis
On 6/1/23 R. Rivers transferred all past/present revenues from physical/audio book sales to the SpiritDAO vault via Coinbase direct transfer.
100% of the sales revenue from Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis in all forms support the community vault. Vault: 0xF3c47077C406FeA33daD4BE498fDf03Cb5d4537f Hash: 0x7edb4578f07e7e1e7bfcd11e62771877a3c950ecb5fd09569f71c72ca9721b07​
Upon formal incorporation of the DAO full rights to the book and all relevant IP will be signed over to the organization.
SpiritDAO is reimagining who and what we are in alignment with the single truth and relational universe. We will periodically make artifacts available to purchase for members and non-members alike. Members can acquire these relics with $SELF tokens or standard accepted currencies at a reduced price. Non-members will be able to purchase items as well.
100% of proceeds from artifact creation will support the SpiritDAO Community Vault.
Tools and Protocols
In an effort to expand our influence and impact, SpiritDAO will proactively develop tools and protocols to help empower our community members and those of other DAOs seeking to advance systemic actualization through the Eight Dignities.
Membership Fees
Member fees (donations) represent a source of recurring revenue for SpiritDAO. Membership tiers are means based, meaning that members are expected to contribute an appropriate amount given their personal circumstances. Unlike most spiritual communities, tithing is not a central focus of our operation or message. Memberships help to create a steady revenue stream that supports our Community Vault.
For more information, see Membership Model Details.​
As a 501(c)3 religious non-profit SpiritDAO community members may donate capital in a variety of forms and functions to our community. Donations are tax-deductible under standard U.S. state and federal legal frameworks. SpiritDAO may on occasion attempt to leverage donation raises to kick off new initiatives.
As a non-profit Impact DAO, we seek grants from various sources. These grants will typically fall under programmatic (funding a specific program) or general operating (capital that can be used to meet overhead needs).
Grants will typically flow to the Community Vault, but Pods applying for and receiving grant funding from external organizations may have the capital transferred directly to their Pod multi-sig.
While SpiritDAO is a decentralized community, our purpose, practice, and community will be significantly strengthened through the facilitation of events.
Events may take the form of significant occasions where members are encouraged to travel to a centralized location or through local chapters.
Some events may have fees associated with them. Members can exchange $SELF tokens for access to these events for partial/complete entry fees. Depending on the event, non-members can join and participate for a standard entry fee.
100% of proceeds from our events will flow to our Community Vault.
Community Centers
SpiritDAO self-actualization community centers will be designed to facilitate community connection via gathering spaces, community productivity centers, and retreats. Net revenues flow to the community wallet. Accessible via standard currencies and community token holders. Token holders are always prioritized.